Aurora Necklace

Aurora Necklace



  • Aurora

    Uniqueley designed necklace set with Labradorite inspired by the Northern Lights dancing across the Icelandic sky. Similar to the Northern Lights, the reflections of Labradorite shine blue and green when the light is just right revealing its true vibrant personality. Designed to be combined and layered with other pieces, worn with ease and simplicity..

  • Details

    Piece Measures: 3.5 x 2.5 cmm

    Stone measures: 3 x 15 mm
    Material: 925 Sterling Silver
    Plating: Rhodium
    100% Nickel free
    Made in the EU

  • Our methods

    As with all Martini's Fire products, this piece is made following the highest concern for ethical, eco friendly production and social responsibility.