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Why Jewellery Stops Time

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Turning a fleeting moment into a lifelong memory

Of all the gifts you could give to your loved one, jewellery can be the most meaningful. Why? Because it is, in a way, similar to a tattoo in that it is deeply personal, lasts forever and most of all represents a moment. It takes a fleeting moment and makes it eternal. My whole life, I have been in awe of beautiful jewellery. I remember being a little girl and noticing every woman and her pieces. I thought about why she chose them, how she wore them together, and how elegant she looked. I also thought about the love story behind them, imagining my own romantic moment when she received them. That's just the kind of kid I was, always watching always thinking.

It represents a moment

We always say that the key to joy is appreciating the moment and collecting the good ones in our heart. But moments are fleeting and difficult to hold on to. Jewellery, given with intention, is one of the best ways to turn that moment, or feeling, into an eternal object. Every time you look at it, you remember that day with all your senses.

It connects you to a person

When you open your jewellery box, and see the gift someone bought you, it connects you to them instantly. It is a physical symbol of their love for you and will you are eternally connected to them. That's the reason the famous DeBeers ad campaign was so successful and is still relevant today, as this article explains.

Jewellery connects you to history

If a piece is well made, well taken care and of good quality, it will last forever. I have pieces from the early 1900s that I still wear today. There are pieces handed down over multiple generations that look timeless and new. Your great-grandmother's ring, your mother's earrings. They are silver and gold threads that keep us connected to the love in our families generation after generation.

It is a gift with meaning

In this fast fashion age, we are hungry for meaning and truth. When looking for a way to tell someone you love them, consider a well crafted piece of jewellery. You will be turning a brief romantic moment into a life long memory.

Turn your romantic intentions into a forever memory with

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