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Turning Light into Jewellery

Everyone who comes to Iceland for the first time is fascinated with the Northern Lights. For those of us who live here, the magic never fades. We love them and never miss an opportunity to brave the cold and gaze up into the sky while it dances for us.

Capturing the light through a legend

Legend has it, that the northern lights were trapped inside Labradorite rocks. One evening an Inuit warrior struck the rocks with his spear and released them into the night sky. It is believed that to this day some of the light remains trapped within each piece of Labradorite.

I was so inspired by the dancing skies and the legend surround Labradorite, that I decided to turn them into a jewellery collection. As one does when they are obsessed with jewellery like I am! It's the timelessness of it that gets me, like a tattoo, but less dangerous, but that's a topic for another blog post. You can read that one here:

So, as I always do... I sketched.

And eventually the collection came to life. . We went through extensive prototyping to get the exact measurements and proportions. And as usual many of the original pieces and sketches never made it past the workbench. Sourcing the stones was another major challenge. I wanted a very specific set of sizes, and they had to be ethical. Eventually I found a small family owned stone supplier that I was satisfied with and the stones were sourced!

Once the Aurora Necklace was born, I felt unfinished. There was something missing. There needed to be a less literal way to capture light, into jewellery. This lead to the rest of my collection, which is more conceptual and minimalist, rather than a literal example of the Aurora. Each piece is named after a form of light, and each piece has Labradorite as it's center star.

Be sure to visit to discover the whole collection and also see how I turned Water into jewellery !

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