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Our First Photo Shoot!

The Fun Part of Owning a Business

I always listen to feedback from my customers and connections, and the biggest common comment has been the need for photos of the jewellery on an actual model. So... that's exactly what we did, a few weekends ago Martini's Fire had it's very first photo shoot with models!

It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Human connection is the basis of most things worth while in life. For most of us, this year has severely limited our possibilities for human connection, which is perhaps why this day was especially appreciated. It was a day of laughter, joy and it definitely put all of us out of our comfort zones both in front and behind the camera. As always with Martini's Fire, I did things a little differently, a little off book. I wanted my models to look like my clients, and my clients to resonate with the models, beautiful individuals of all types. I convinced a wonderful group of women, not professional models, to spend a day with me and let me tell you ...

they rocked it!

So cheers to my beautiful group of women (Dísa, Ella, Jasmine, Cecilia and Chloe) who stepped out of their comfort zone and were brave enough to spend the day with me and embrace this project.

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