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How I turned water into jewellery

My jewellery, my art, is always inspired by nature and its elements. They say I am a fire person (in multiple zodiac and elemental charts) which is probably why I need flowing water around me so much. For me there is nothing like sitting by a river, or the ocean and just watching it flow. After moving to Iceland, I became fascinated with the aerial photographs of the flow of rivers over the land, making their way down to to the sea. It is from this, that I attempted the impossible... to turn that water into wearable art.

The sketch phase...

For me, this is the most exciting part. It's the part where ideas flow, and nothing else matters. Later on I would have to worry about all the extra stuff that comes into play when designing a piece of jewellery, such as production costs, comfort of wear, and would anyone like it at all? Now was the time to just play, and play I did! I drew hundreds of designs. Some good, some better, some not so good, all so much fun to work on.

The Hand Carving Phase

I had this vision of water flowing down the human body and I wanted to somehow capture that in a timeless piece. Eventually, I began to take those ideas and sculpt them into three dimensional forms. This is a long process, for which I used wax and/or silver to hand carve each piece into shape. Again I carved so many pieces I lost track.

Some of them were wonderful and made my heart sing. Like this amazing bracelet going down your arm. Unfortunately one of the things that must be considered when making jewellery is the feasibility of making multiple pieces, and how they can be comfortably worn and sold. So these pieces never made it past the drawing board. But that's the creative process.

I slowly carved out other pieces, that one by one became the collection that exists today. I made sure they kept the original theme of water flowing down the body, but I managed to make them light weight, comfortable and wearable. When I finally had the right pieces, I cast them and the collection was born. They are designed to be worn asymmetrically (because water follows its own path) and mixed and matched according to your mood. They are adventurous, and minimalist all at the same time. I am so proud of this!

As with all my pieces, they were made with recycled silver where possible, and the casting process is executed by an artisanal, family owned manufacturer in Europe. I have only produced a handful of each design. They are all limited edition pieces. And there are some exciting new additions to the family coming soon, so stay tuned!

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