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Hi, I am Alexandra Martini. This jewellery line is more than just a jewellery line. It is the culmination of years of adventure, struggle, passion and (let’s be honest) a whole lot of sweat, blood and tears. Someone once said to me “there is no substitute for hard work” and those words could never be more true for Martini’s Fire.
My story begins in Venezuela, where I was born, and where I discovered art, beauty and colours usually only reserved for post cards. In Venezuela I learned, more than anything, about elegance and joy, and what a beautiful combination that is. Venezuelan people are the most joyous, positive, optimistic of people I have ever encountered. They are also the most elegant, and beautiful. People famously refer to French women as timeless and elegant, and while that may be true, I find nothing more beautiful than a Venezuelan woman. It is there that I learned, as a child, to understand beauty and how true beauty comes from the joy in your heart.
My curiosity for beauty and color lead me to Massachusetts College of Art where I earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. I have always painted, I have always lived and breathed my art. But somewhere along the way, a very special person gave me a tiny green emerald, and unknowingly launched my love affair with gemstones. I proceeded to study Gemmology in London at the Gemological Institute of America, and then Jewelry Design in Florence, followed by every jewellery making course I could find. I studied voraciously, I wanted to deeply understand jewellery and gemstones, I wanted to live and breathe it. Since then my love for gemstones has taken me from diamond and gold mines in Venezuela, gem dealers in Nigeria, Colombia and India, to fancy diamond dealers in Tel Aviv. I have designed debut collections for new jewellery brands, managed production, and sold million dollar watches for high end brands.
But after working for a few decades, I realised I did not agree with the general manufacturing practices of todays modern mass produced jewellery brands. I almost quit jewellery altogether, but a voice inside me said: “show them you can do it your way…a kinder way.” And so that’s what I did.

I now make jewellery in a  kinder way, working with communities around the world to help empower them to stay current and viable through the changing globalisation of mass production. I have a fire inside to bring some joy, elegance and positivity to the industry in my own small way.
I live in Iceland now, and am deeply inspired by the natural surroundings that burst into your eyes at every corner. The Rivers, the Sky, the Earth… the Fire.

That is Martini’s Fire…. My Fire.

Ethical Icelandic Jewellery Icelandic design ethical handmade jewelry

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